WATCH: ‘Just Stop Oil’ Protesters Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine


While climate activists in the United States have turned global warming into a secular religion, what activists are doing in Europe represents another level of public disruption.

Across the pond, climate protesters have stormed museums to desecrate priceless pieces of art while others have taken to blocking traffic in ever-creative ways. In some cases, the most hysterical among them have glued themselves to the pavement, requiring road crews to come chisel them out.

More recently, though, victims of these acts have begun to fight back. One hilarious example involved a Swedish dance competition and a camera boom. In the end, no one was hurt, but some lessons were learned.

In another case, counter-protesters boxed in climate change activists, preventing them from getting to the roads they planned to block.

Drivers have also started to exit their vehicles to physically remove protesters who have sat down in front of their cars.

With the will to push back only growing, it was just a matter of time before the next escalation manifested. That happened when counter-protesters crashed a Just Stop Oil meeting with hilarious results.

The get-together was planned as a vegan meal (because, of course, it was) for activists in East London. Instead of being able to eat in peace and celebrate their “accomplishments,” though, two people from the counter-protest group Just Stop Pissing Everyone Off showed up to give Just Stop Oil a taste of its own medicine.

Specifically, they tied shreiking “rape alarms” to bundles of balloons and let them go. They floated to the top of the highly vaulted ceilings, leaving the climate activists scrambling to reach them.

If you haven’t heard of Just Stop Oil, it’s the group that is behind the lion’s share of annoying, disruptive climate protests in Europe. If you see someone blocking traffic or throwing paint on the sides of buildings, Just Stop Oil

 is probably responsible.

What I love so much about this counter-protest is that it’s not just playing defense. Instead of waiting for these climate protesters to show up in the middle of the streets, blocking people from getting to work and elsewhere, they are now being confronted on their own turf and made to deal with the same tactics they perpetrate on others.

Of course, as I said, we are dealing with secular religious fanatics, so the response was as expected.

“We invited them to eat with us, but the alarms they let off at our banquet instead were the perfect metaphor for the urgency of the climate crisis.”

Yeah, I don’t think that’s it. The point of the rape alarms was to annoy those in attendance, not to provide a metaphor for the urgency of anything. As far as I can tell, mission accomplished.

I’d expect to see a lot more of this going forward. Normal people are fed up, and the police appear to have no desire to get involved. That means more direct clashes with climate protesters are certain.


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