Joe Biden Claims He Cured Cancer, in Gaffe-filled Presser that has Democrats Panicking


by James Hayden

Joe Biden on Tuesday announced that he has cured cancer from the East Room of the White House.

Biden delivered remarks on his administration’s efforts to expand access to mental healthcare (try not to laugh).

His entire speech was full of gaffes, lies and bizarre mutterings that reportedly have D.C. Democrats “in a panic” over the 2024 campaign, according to one Axios correspondent.

Biden first claimed 100 people died from Covid.

This wasn’t just a single verbal stumble either.

After saying “over 100 people” died from COVID, Biden then asserts, “That’s 100 empty chairs around the kitchen table.”

He never even realized he made a mistake, likely because he was just reading what he thought the teleprompter said. There doesn’t appear to be much mental processing by Biden when he speaks. It’s just bland repetition, and at his advanced age, even that often goes wrong.

Biden then pushed a bill that would supposedly increase privacy rights for children. Toward the end of the clip, he leans in and starts whispering into the microphone, “Pass it, pass it, pass it.” You can see him squinting to read the teleprompter in front of him (which is not a regular teleprompter, but a massive television) at multiple points.

Yes, and unfortunately Joe, we have seen what your kid Hunter has been doing on his laptop.

Seriously though, this is the same guy that complains of “book banning” because Florida passed a bill to remove literal pornography from school libraries. If Biden were actually concerned about what children are being exposed to, he wouldn’t be promoting books like Gender Queer and insisting that teachers be allowed to discuss sexual matters with their students.

But I digress.

But I digress, there was one line Biden delivered that left everyone scratching their heads. Namely, he claimed that his administration had “ended cancer as we know it.”

While I would love nothing more than to see cancer obliterated, I have no idea what the president is talking about there. Right now, the United States is estimated to have nearly 2 million cancer cases

 in 2023. That is actually slightly more than the estimated cases in 2022. So what exactly was “ended as we know it?” For context, in October of 2022, just before the mid-term elections, Biden claimed that he was “starting” to “cure cancer.” He seems to be skipping over the entire “curing” part in his latest proclamation.

Perhaps the saddest, most pathetic thing Biden said was at the end, as if he knew his own mind was melting:

“Before I say even more what’s on my mind, I’m now gonna leave this podium.”

Axios quoted an unnamed Democrat insider that “Democrats are scrambling to try and determine a way forward, when it is clear to all concerned that this president cannot possibly stand for re-election.”

This comes on the heels of the recent editorial in the left-leaning The Hill titled “When is the optimal time for Biden to drop out of the race?”

It’s amusing, though deeply sad, to see Biden’s increasingly bizarre gaffes, but as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, it is very, very dangerous.


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