Judge Threatens Hunter Biden With Severe Consequences if He Doesn’t Comply With Order


by Nick Arama

Joe Biden seems to want to ignore Navy Roberts, the daughter his son Hunter had with the former stripper Lunden Roberts.

While Joe frequently talks about his other grandchildren, he never mentions or even acknowledges that he has this granddaughter. There was no stocking up for her for Christmas at the Biden home. She’s a complete non-entity in the Biden world.

But Hunter Biden is in a continuing court fight with Lunden Roberts.

The guy who is flying around the world with his dad and living in mansions wants to pay less in child support, claiming that he can’t afford to continue to pay what he has been paying. He’s also fighting against his daughter having his last name.

In the last hearing, his legal team was pleading poverty, claiming Hunter had no salary and had his Porsche repossessed.

They even had an unbelievable excuse that included Joe Biden, saying Hunter had to sleep on a cot in Joe’s room when they traveled to Ireland in April because of his financial situation. That’s just a ridiculous excuse.

His team claimed his only income was from his art sales, but then they claimed they were unable to provide a list of who bought his paintings and how much they are worth. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that he can’t say how much he made if that’s his only income.

The Judge wasn’t happy with what they were turning over.

Judge Holly Meyer rebuked the 53-year-old’s legal team during the two-hour proceedings, saying they wrongly concealed details of filings that had already been submitted to the court as part of the ongoing legal saga.

“The ability to redact is somewhat being abused,” the judge told Hunter’s attorneys before ordering them to refile some of those papers.

Roberts’ attorney also pointed out the irony that while Hunter is claiming he doesn’t have the money, he has several high-priced Washington D.C. attorneys representing him.

But now their luck has run out.

Today the judge issued an order on Monday demanding that Hunter Biden show up at the Independence County Circuit Court on July 10 to be questioned by Roberts’ attorney and produce evidence, including his bank statements.

If Biden fails to turn up, he faces being held in contempt, which could land him in jail for up to six months, a fine, up to $20,000 toward Roberts’ legal fees, and have his requests in the case thrown out, the court order states.

Meyer ordered Biden to appear next month to answer questions about his finances and “show cause, if any exists, why he should not be held in contempt,” the judge’s order states.

It sounds like the judge has had enough of the stalling and wants all the information turned over. It’s ridiculous, as well, since Biden is the one who wants to reduce what he’s paying. If the judge doesn’t know what he’s making, she can’t properly assess the worth of his claims.

If Hunter’s team fails to turn over the outstanding information, things are going to get a lot more interesting. Someone may actually hold him accountable.


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