Man Stabbed to Death at Starbucks in front of Family, as Witnesses Cower Inside


by Jim Clayborn

A man was stabbed to death in broad daylight at a Starbucks in Vancouver, Canada, reportedly in front of his wife and kids, according to Global News.

The victim, Paul Stanley Schmidt, 37, was reportedly at the coffee shop with his wife and daughter, according to his mother, when he was attacked by the suspect, 32-year-old Inderdeep Singh Gosal – an “India-origin national” (not Hindu), who was arrested at the scene and later charged with second-degree murder.

The alleged murder took place at the corner of Granville and West Pender streets in Vancouver, around 5:40 p.m., after a “brief altercation,” according to police. The motive for the killing is not known, and police are asking witnesses to come forward.

“There’s a significant amount of evidence to tell us what happened. What we are focusing on now is why did this happen. What are the events that transpired in the moments leading up to this very serious crime … and that’s something that may take some time for us to fully understand,” said police spokesman Sergeant Steve Addison.

“We believe there are people likely nearby, people who witnessed it, people who were in the area who can help us to understand those questions,” Addison added.

Reports state that according to court documents posted online, this is the suspect’s first and only criminal charge.

The victim’s mother, Kathy, told reporters over the phone, “Paul lived for his wife and his daughter … that was his whole life,” and that the suspect “has ruined so many lives.”

A witness described the incident as “not something you think you would see walking down the street in Vancouver on a Sunday,” adding that the Starbucks was filled with screams after the suspect went back into the store after the stabbing.

The graphic attack was caught on video (warning).

UPDATE: The murder suspect Gosal has been linked to “Khalistani” terrorist groups that call for murders of Hindus, and may be a refugee granted asylum by Canada.

Investigators note the suspect and victim are not believed to have known each other, adding that the “circumstances that led up to the fatal stabbing remain under investigation.”

There is also chatter on social media that the man who stabbed the victim is a pro-Khalistani and was seen attending pro-Khalistani rallies in Canada outside the Indian High Commission.

 Indian-origin man brutally stabs Canadian national to death, suspected to have Khalistani terror links

This is a developing story, we will update as more facts become available.


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    1. SAME thing is happening in the U.S., over 1800 A DAY are running across OUR Southern Border and the DOJ, etc are doing NOTHING about it. All to gain Votes. And yes, Illegals DO VOTES.

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