WATCH: Australian Reporter Can’t Keep a Straight Face Talking About Biden’s Mental Health


by Nick Arama

Joe Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, recently issued a report on his health, claiming that he was a “healthy, vigorous 80-year-old male” who was “fit” to “successfully execute his duties.”

Notably, what they didn’t have in the report was any form of a cognitive test. Nor did the doctor take any questions about Joe’s clear cognitive issues and deterioration.

Dr. David Scheiner, who was Barack Obama’s personal physician for more than two decades before he became president, said Biden’s age is a major health concern. “You’re not going to learn anything. They sugarcoat these things,” Scheiner explained about the White House report.

Some expressed doubt about the conclusion drawn by Biden’s doctor, given what we can all see day to day in terms of Biden’s problems. The White House doctor for George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump — Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) — said

“Nowhere in the report was there mention of Biden’s deteriorating mental health,” Jackson said, adding, “this is alarming, considering I have already sent three letters to the White House demanding that Biden receive a cognitive test and that the results be made public, all of which have been ignored. Everyone can see something is wrong — the cover-up needs to end.”

Jackson said there was no “transparency” and that they were concealing the truth.

Unfortunately, we see the problems every day, and so can the rest of the world. Here’s one of the things he said about why he wasn’t going to East Palestine, Ohio in the wake of the train derailment disaster there — because he’d done a whole video. Then he said this.

Sky News Australia is brutally honest when it comes to Joe Biden. Most of our media isn’t as honest. Host Rita Panahi wasn’t able to hold it together and keep a straight face as she doubted the report offered by Biden’s doctor and compared the doctor’s conclusions to some of Biden’s incoherence.

Now, these are our allies who wish us well and know we — and consequently, the world — have a problem with Joe in the office. So I’m glad that they’re honest —  would that we had more honest media here. We should have more coverage like this so that more people in this country will see what the rest of the world does without the smoothing over of the truth that the liberal media in this country does. Then it could be addressed seriously.

The fact that anyone would seriously put this man out there to run for office again when he can’t even hold it together now, would not only be unconscionable and bad for us, but for the world.


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