Joy Behar: East Palestine Got What They Deserved for Voting Trump


by Staff

After 20 days, the vile coven of ABC’s The View finally decided that the train derailment and ecological disaster in East Palestine, Ohio was finally worth mentioning during their Thursday Hot Topics segment.

Of course, this was only after Pete Buttigieg, the absent-at-the-wheel Transportation secretary finally arrived in the town. But the joyless Joy Behar took things to a disturbing place when she proclaimed that the residents got what was coming to them because they supported former President Trump.

“Let’s talk about regulations for a second. Because it seems to me that the Republicans are obsessed with the notion of the free market. And they don’t like a lot of regulations,” Behar announced.

After hysterical Sara Haines falsely blamed Trump for the derailment (see proof of this below), Behar shouted at the residents of East Palestine through the camera and blamed their voting history for the disaster in their town:

I don’t know why they would ever vote for him. For somebody who – By the way, he placed someone with deep ties to the chemical industry in charge of the EPA’s chemical safety office. That’s who you voted for, in that district. Donald Trump, who reduces all safety. He did, in those days.

“Do they realize that?” racist Sunny Hostin asked of self-described conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Behar continued to take swipes at the residents. “They need to look past the photo-ops these people,” she decried, referencing their appreciation for Trump getting to the town before both Buttigieg and President Biden and bringing clean bottled water with him.

Behar and Hostin were irate that the bottles Trump brought had his logo on them. “An opportunity to push his brand,” Behar sneered. “It felt very Hurricane Maria paper towel, to me. It disgusted me,” Hostin added, ignoring the fact the water was from the stock handed out at Trump properties.

“I think this is Donald Trump’s fault!” Hostin shouted at one point. Behar backed her up, chiding, “That’s called chutzpah. It’s his fault and he shows up!” 

They also whined about how Trump bantered with workers at the local McDonald’s.

Haines did show some appreciation: “I don’t care if it says Trump on it if it’s gold-layered. They need clean water. So, at that moment I’ll say bring what you have to to get the people what they need.”

If you thought things weren’t ridiculous enough, Hostin praised Buttigieg for ignoring the resident of the working-class town for 20 days:

You know, he’s not there yet. He’s received a lot of criticism for it. But he said I want them to investigate it first rather than having me walk around doing what for a photo-op. And I actually appreciate that; especially because he was the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, where I went to law school. A small town. And he didn’t do that type of photo-op thing there either. He did the work.


“When you look at some of the information that’s been released, we’re talking about things I can’t even pronounce that are causing irritation, neurological symptoms. It’s causing irritation to the nose, throat, and lungs … Republicans talking about small government and less regulations. Well, this is what happens,” she proclaimed without evidence as to why the train derailed.

FACT CHECK: Behar, Haines and Hostin all said the derailment was “Trump’s fault.”

This is completely FALSE.

As we have reported previously, despite widespread media claims about Trump “deregulating” train brake rules that led to the East Palestine derailment, this is simply untrue:

(1) As the Wall Street Journal reported, an overheated wheel bearing led to the derailment, not anything to do with the brakes.

This likely had something to do with the so-far unexplained fire on the underside of one of the cars that has led some, including Sen. J.D. Vance, to suspect sabotage. CBS reported on this fire and showed footage of it on their newscast: .

(2) The breaking rule that was withdrawn during the Trump Administration in 2017 applied only to trains carrying petroleum and not chemical substances such as the vinyl chloride on the train that derailed in Ohio.

So nothing Trump did do or could have done would have prevented this derailment, and he certainly was not responsible for the “controlled burn” of the chemicals that have poisoned much of the surrounding area.


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