New Report Shows Biden Team Has Been Lying From Beginning About Chinese Spy Balloon


by Nick Arama

CBS News has reported that U.S. intelligence had been tracking the Chinese spy b alloon that was shot down over the Atlantic near the Carolinas since it took off from China and that the U.S. military had been tracking it for more than a week before it entered U.S. airspace, much longer than the Biden administration had said.


The Biden team has claimed that they first learned about it on Jan. 28, when it was near Alaska. Then, as I’ve noted before, their story evolved, first saying they didn’t have time to take a shot over Alaskan waters. Then NORAD Commander Glen VanHerck said he couldn’t take the shot because it wasn’t demonstrating “hostile intent.”

So if this report from CBS is correct, add one more lie to what they told us about this whole story and they had plenty of time to plan a takedown over water, contrary to what they said. If they had wanted to.

The bottom line is that they only reacted after the backlash from the public. We can see how Joe Biden downplayed the whole thing and even said he didn’t see this as any kind of a “major breach.” Likely, they never would have shot it down, had it not been for the American public getting upset about it after Americans in Billings, Montana made their sighting public. It’s also likely why they are shooting down objects they claim they can’t identify.

CBS said the leading theory was that the other three objects which they are having trouble recovering were harmless research balloons and as we previously reported, likely benign. But how can you say that if you also say that you don’t even know what they are? Even pilots were “perplexed” by what they saw, with different descriptions of the objects. GOP senators argued that the Biden team has to speak on the objects and what is going on. CBS said the Biden team had ruled out that any of these objects were connected with the U.S. government.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) dished more on what he had learned during the briefing on the objects on Tuesday.

“Many people, intentionally or otherwise, have been given the impression that [until] a couple weeks ago, our skies were clear, and then all of a sudden we have spy balloons and other unidentified flying objects raining down on us like confetti,” Kennedy said. “That’s not accurate. These objects have been flying over us for years, many years.” He said, “They’ve known about them” meaning I guess whoever briefed them indicated they knew, but that except for the Chinese spy balloon, they didn’t know what they were. “What’s different about the last two weeks is that we started shooting them down,” he exclaimed.

Kennedy continued, noting that the Biden team is unable to find the remnants of the three “objects” they allegedly shot down, all they can find is the remnants of the Chinese spy balloon. “They’re lost. They can’t find them. The remnants are in very difficult terrain,” he explained.

At this point, getting caught in yet one more lie isn’t going to help the practically non-existent credibility of the Biden team. So if Joe Biden did speak to this, I’m not sure people would believe him, without more evidence. That’s what a mess they have made of this whole situation at this point.

Editor's Note: Joe Biden's consistent lies and left-wing bias show he is unfit for office. Help us tell the truth.

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