It’s What Bills Safety Damar Hamlin Didn’t Say That’s Got People Talking

Bills safety Damar Hamlin appears on Good Morning America

by Bob Hoge

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on a field after he experienced cardiac arrest during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals in early January.

On Super Bowl Sunday, he sat down with former NFL player, “Good Morning America” host, and Fox Sports analyst Michael Strahan to discuss his miraculous recovery, the amazing efforts of medical professionals who saved his life, and the gratitude he feels that he’s still alive.

One thing he wouldn’t talk about, however, was what happened immediately after the hit:

STRAHAN: In the course of the game, you make the tackle. Do you remember standing up after you make that tackle? 

Hamlin stares into space for around 13 seconds, apparently struggling to decide what to say. Finally:

HAMLIN: That’s something I don’t really want to get into deep into, in the details of. But it’s something I’m still trying to work through.

The moment happens around the 42-second mark:

That unwillingness to talk about the hit by itself would have set the internet on fire and sent pundits into a tizzy, but later in the interview, Hamlin clams up again, this time when asked about what doctors have told him about the possible cause of his cardiac arrest:

STRAHAN: [Voiceover:] To keep going after Hamlin was discharged from the ICU, the question on so many minds: what caused his heart to stop beating? [Addressing Hamlin:] You’re 24, in peak physical condition, can run circles around me right now. [Laughter.] How did [the] doctor describe what happened to you?

HAMLIN: Um… [Another lengthy pause.] Um, that’s something I want to stay away from.

Hamlin’s unwillingness to talk obviously caused many people to think—why? Did the doctors tell him it was a vaccine injury, or did they tell him about some health condition that he did not wish to share with the public?

Some, like vaccine critic Steve Kirsch, thought the interview strongly pointed to the cardiac arrest being caused by mRNA COVID vaccines. He wrote on his Substack

 after watching the interview:

Vaccine injury is the most likely explanation left of what happened to Damar Hamlin. It fits all the evidence including the above video in which Hamlin admits he is “still processing” what caused his injury and seemed genuinely surprised about what happened to him.

There is no other explanation that I’m aware of that is consistent with all the evidence.

Damar Hamlin seems to be a genuinely good guy who early in his career set up the Chasing M foundation to help the needy, and who delivered a heartfelt and emotional speech at the recent NFL Honors awards.

However, humans are endowed with inquiring minds, and when there is a lack of information our brains will struggle to fill it.

While I disagree with some who conclude this is definitive proof that Hamlin’s cardiac address was caused by the COVID jab (after all we don’t even know for sure if he received the shot), there is certainly plenty of evidence after this interview that points at the possibility.


One thought on “It’s What Bills Safety Damar Hamlin Didn’t Say That’s Got People Talking

  1. He knows what caused it for sure now. If he were to say it was the vaccine, his money will evaporate. We may even find him dead with a necktie around his neck hanging from a door knob & 2 “self inflicted” gunshot wounds to his head. Better to say nothing & stay alive & solvent. The medical/pharmaceutical cartel in collaboration with the globalist cartel will not relent on their population reduction goals. They have to pare it down to the armed citizenry so as to know their true numbers in order to deal with them in what will be a war. We still outnumber them 10,000 to 1. That is a big problem for them.

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