Goalkeeper Dies on Field Seconds After Stopping a Penalty Kick


by Jim Clayborn

Another day, and yet another sudden death of a young athlete, of an apparent heart attack.

Goalkeeper Arne Espeel has tragically died during a match while playing for Belgian side Winkel Sport B.

Espeel was just 25 years old when he collapsed on the pitch straight after saving a penalty against Westrozebeke at Sint-Eloois-Winkel, West Flanders Province.

The ‘keeper pulled off the save and then dropped to the ground, with emergency services running onto the pitch and using a defibrillator to try and save him.

Shortly after being taken to hospital, Espeel was c onfirmed to have died.


A statement from the Belgian club read: ‘Winkel Sport is in very deep mourning at the sudden passing of goalkeeper Arne Espeel.

‘We wish Arne’s family and friends our heartfelt condolences at this heavy loss. Football is taking a back seat for some time.’

The team’s assistant Stefaan Dewerchin added: ‘The ball was still in play. Our goalkeeper got up as fast as possible to receive the ball, but then he fell.

‘It was really terrible to watch. All the players showered together after the incident. When the message came that our goalkeeper was dead, it was an unusually heavy blow.

‘I think some players still don’t realise exactly what happened.’

Espeel had a long association with Winkel Sport, as confirmed by sporting director Patrick Rotsaert, who said: ‘It’s a tragedy and a shock to us. Arne had been with the club his whole life, and he was dearly loved. It’s a really hard blow.’

An autopsy was scheduled to take place on Monday with the cause of Espeel’s death as of yet unconfirmed.

Many unexplained deaths among young athletes have been occuring with startling regularity – and in nearly all cases without explanation or prior medical histories among the victims.

Former Detroit Lions and XFL linebacker Jessie Lemonier ‘died suddenly’ recently. He was 25.

Jordan Brister, 17, a high school junior died on Jan. 3 when he experienced sudden cardiac arrest. He was found inside one of the school’s bathrooms after gym class.

Another student. Ashari Hughes, just 16died during a flag football game at school, a “sudden cardiac death” just one day before Brister died.

And on January 10, Air Force Academy cadet Hunter Brown, 21 – a standout athlete on the Air Force football team – suddenly collapsed died after he collapsed while walking to class.

And most recently, on January 31, 18-year-old Cartier Woods was playing basketball with his teammates at Northwestern High School in Detroit, Michigan. Just three minutes into a game against Detroit Douglass, Woods told his coach, George Tyson, that he wasn’t feeling well.

Rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness, Woods later died from what what called a “cardiac arrest.”

All five had been fully vaccinated and “boosted,” per NFL, school, and U.S. military requirements at the time.

Belgium has also required full vaccination for all professional soccer players since February 2021.

But of course, the mainstream media will never tell you these things.

We are just supposed to accept these untold numbers of athletes, all around the globe, cut down in their prime, for the first time ever…and ask no questions about WHY.


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