“White Piece of Sh*t”: Burger King Employee Goes On Racist Rant, Pays the Price


A Burger King employee has been caught on video going on a racist rant against a “white” couple in the fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru. Now, she is paying the price for her inappropriate outburst.

This Burger King employee spewed racist remarks

A black Burger King employee went on a racist rant against a Hispanic couple whom she assumed was white. The shocking dispute broke out between the employee and a couple at a Burger King drive-thru in North Miami Beach. The cellphone video has since gone viral.

It seems the customers requested a refund for their order after another worker kept touching her cell phone and face while handling their food.

The employee, unwillingly to work with the pair, shamed them for being white, even though they are not. She shouted at the pair, who had a crying baby in the car, “Put it on Snapchat b****! F*** you, you white piece of s**t… how about that? F*** you.”

The North Miami Beach Burger King drive-thru where a black employee’s racist rant was recorded by shocked customers. 

The woman in the car responded, “We’re not even white… we’re Hispanic. Get it right,” before another worker next to the angry employee slammed the drive-thru window shut. But the defiant worker opened the window again and called the woman a “fat b****” and a “f***ing wh***.”


“I don’t care… at least I’m not working at Burger King,” the female customer fired back. Further infuriated, the employee replied, “I don’t care. B****, I have two parents, I go to school… this job, the money I make, is to blow up. So it don’t matter.”

The male customer told the employee the refund request had nothing to do with her. He insisted that she had no reason to be so fired up over the matter. “It has nothing to do with you,” he said. “I don’t even know why you’re getting upset.”

Meanwhile, the other Burger King worker at the window said little to nothing during the incident. She is seen handling receipts and looking stressed. It is unclear if this is the manager who was the cause of concern for the customers.

A black Burger King employee was captured on video going on a racist rant against a couple in the fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru.

Apparently, the racist employee is no longer working at Burger King. She has been terminated from her fast-food job.

A Burger King spokesperson told the Miami Herald, “The actions of this team member do not reflect the values of the Burger King brand. We have a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior, and the individual is no longer with the company.”

This was a solid decision by Burger King, although they really had no other choice. Once a video like this one goes viral, there is no disputing who the guilty party is. Places of business should not tolerate any sort of racism. Perhaps this young girl thought she could get away with it, as many times incidents of racism are not taken seriously, but she was sorely mistaken.


8 thoughts on ““White Piece of Sh*t”: Burger King Employee Goes On Racist Rant, Pays the Price

  1. For the record, even if they actually WERE white, you can still most definitely be racist against white people. it’s not a “one way street”.

      1. What difference does it make? Are you saying this is OK because these people are classified white? This it totally unacceptable no matter the color!!!

      2. Yes, scientifically there are four races, red, white, yellow, black. As much as hispanics want to deny it, they are in the same category as Italians, Irish, Swedes, Germans and more, they are white. If you follow the science.

        1. Hell, I don’t deny it. I’m proud of it. I’m a conservative MAGA American of Mexican descent and I know based on what I was taught in school, that I’m Caucasian.

  2. I was raised in a mixed neighborhood, in a huge city. Racism is definitely a two way street. My Mother tried to raise me to not be a racist, the blacks I grew up with had a life long impact. F reparations, blacks are more racist than anyone.

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