Video: McDonald’s Employee Praised for Shutting Up ‘Entitled’ Customer: ‘Get Out of MY Drive Thru!’


When an “entitled” customer rudely tried to push around a McDonald’s employee, the middle-aged woman gave the insolent punk a verbal beatdown that left him speechless.

He filmed the exchange and posted it to TikTok to bash her – but was stunned when nearly all comments took her side!

The female McDonald’s employee was highly praised by those who viewed the video confrontation. 

In a video that has gone viral, one female McDonald’s employee was applauded for refusing to allow one extremely entitled drive-thru customer to push her around. Although the video is only 37 seconds long, it’s very clear why the female employee has had enough.

Viewers can hear what exactly the problem was as she points to his iced coffee and says, “It’s all on the bottom, see? And now go to a different store. We will not be serving you anymore.” She then closes her window to serve the next person in line. However, the unsatisfied customer wasn’t going away without a fight, and that’s when she shuts him down.

The female McDonald’s employee hands over the iced coffee drink to the customer

It appears that McDonald’s employees attempted a few times to make his iced coffee the way he wanted, but it wasn’t good enough. When the fed-up female employee informs him they won’t serve him anymore, he has the audacity to question her decision.

“Because every single time we make your drink, it is wrong,” she tells him. “Obviously, we cannot satisfy you the first time, and we’re done trying. So, get out of my drive-thru!” The video ends with the viewer hearing the employee say, “And you guys called my employees vulgar names.”

The customer posted the video exchange to TikTok video — to bash the assistant manager and presumably expected everyone to agree with him.

But they didn’t – the vast majority of commenters took the worker’s side.

So despite the fact that the short clip received more than 700,000 likes and over 10,000 comments, he took it down because it made him look bad!

After giving him his iced coffee, the McDonald’s employee calmly tells the “entitled” customer they won’t be serving him anymore 

“I like her, she’s not McHaving it anymore! Customers, stop being exhausting, it’s just fast food,” one person commented.

Some of the commenters had experience in the service industry and expressed their annoyance with people’s expectations of those serving them. “Why do I have a feeling that she is in the 100% right here?” another asked. “I think we’re all on her side,” one viewer wrote.

According  to Yahoo News

, other viewers went on to criticize the seemingly difficult customer. “It’s McDonald’s, not a fancy coffee shop. People really be expecting the most for less,” one person added. “Customers act like they’re paying for cashiers’ insurance with their entitled behavior. Drive on,” commented another.

When he refuses to leave the drive-thru and wants further confrontation, the female employee loses her cool

Another TikTok user wanted McDonald’s to take the matter further. “@McDonald’s we love this lady! Give her a raise and promotion. Customers don’t have the right to abuse employees,” he lobbied.

This was supported by some other viewers, including one who claimed to know the woman in the video. “She’s amazing. I worked with her for 8 years before I left McDonald’s. She’s actually the GM of that location,” the person commented.

“You can tell in the clip that this was not the first time this guy had tried to make a sport out of harassing these service workers,” wrote another commenter. “Good for her. It’s not just herself that she is standing up for, but her employees, too.”

One viewer sided with the female worker for defending her coworkers. “Wow. At first, I thought she was being a little harsh,” he wrote. “But then she added that part at the end about the customer making vulgar comments to the other employees. If that is true, then the McDonald’s employee has a point.”

Many commenters noticed that the customer conveniently cut off the video right after she mentioned that “vulgar” history.

Another viewer shared their own experience. “I once worked for one of the largest corporations in the world,” she wrote. “I asked my boss why the customer satisfaction goal was 98 percent and not 100 percent and he said: ‘We have figured out that some people will never be happy no matter how much you do for them, or how much you give in to them.”‘


12 thoughts on “Video: McDonald’s Employee Praised for Shutting Up ‘Entitled’ Customer: ‘Get Out of MY Drive Thru!’

  1. Sounds like he was a repeat PITA and she was the manager of the franchise. I could be wrong but that would be my guess and if so, it’s her store she has the right and the power. Good on her for looking out for her crew.

  2. LOVE IT, so darn TIRED of these Camera Clowns making life hard for working people. Good for her. Oh, and for the Obnoxious Customer. GROW THE HELL UP!!!

  3. Several years ago there was a similar – but much worse incident – at a Chik-fil-a drive-thru where a VERY entitled customer tried to completely demean his server. She was fairly young, maybe in high school and she never lost her patience or very good manners. Yep, he posted the video somewhere thinking it would show everyone how he put lesser beings in their place. Instead, he lost his job. A wife and 2 children and no one would touch this guy with a barge pole. I don’t know whatever happened to him.

  4. If enough businesses had this attitude there would be less BS like the phone camera clowns flooding social media. Yes in many instances the old adage that the customer is always right but that only goes so far until the entitlement crowd takes it too far and you end up with a generation of semi-morons running around being offended at a t-shirt, grow the hell up.

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