Two Saggy-Pants Thugs Carjack ‘Helpless’ Woman, Find Out It Was a BIG Mistake


A shocking story has emerged out of Clearwater, Florida, where two saggy-pants-wearing thugs carjacked a woman and her son in the parking lot of a Bank of America. The story went viral after the fed-up “helpless” woman they targeted turned the tables on them. The punks definitely realized their big mistake too late.

by Jim Clayborn

A Clearwater, Florida, woman shot two thieves attempting to carjack her, resulting in the death of one of the suspects and a second-degree murder charge for the other. Now, many people are applauding her efforts to protect herself, her son, and her property from a couple of lowlifes.

Two would-be carjackers, 17-year-old Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman and 18-year-old Lasupta Singletary, likely believed that their intended victim, Louise Ornduff, would be an easy target. After all, by all appearances, she seemed to be a “helpless woman.” However, Coleman and Singletary could not have been more wrong about the Florida mother.

Seventeen-year-old Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman and 18-year-old Lasupta Singletary tried to carjack Louise Ornduff.

The two wayward teens planned to meet with Ornduff and her son Kalaeb in a Bank of America parking lot to discuss the sale of a Nissan Rogue. When they arrived, the suspects were armed and demanded the keys to Ornduff’s car, which Kalaeb was driving at the time. The suspects then drove away in the stolen car, likely thinking that they had pulled off the heist and would not be held accountable. Unfortunately for their young egos, that was far from the case.

Louise Ornduff immediately whipped out the firearm she was carrying on her person and fired a shot at them with her weapon. She struck Singleton, prompting Coleman to drive to a nearby hospital, instead of making off with the Nissan Rogue. It was there that the 18-year-old was pronounced dead, WFTS reported.

Criminal defense attorney Anthony Rickman, who was not involved in the case, told WTVT that in the aftermath of the shooting, investigators would be “looking at surveillance videos” and “talking to witnesses to see when that shot was fired” in order to “determine if self-defense is actually a valid defense here.”

It appears that authorities did deem the incident a justified shooting, as Coleman, who – along with Singleton – had a prior criminal history, was charged with second-degree felony murder and armed robbery. The murder charge was due to the fact that he was committing a felony while Singleton was killed.

“Based on their history, which you can see before you, and the fact they were engaged in an armed robbery, leads something to…to their character I would say,” Clearwater PD Deputy Chief Eric Gandy told WFTS.

Those who have read Ornduff’s story applauded the mother for protecting herself and her son. “She was right in what she did and had to do I would have done the same thing had I been in her shoes and the police and courts should back her up and not take the defense of these criminals, help the police clean up the streets against crime,” one social media user commented on Facebook.

The scene of the crime 

“Everyone knows that the relatives of those two will say that they were good boys. They will probably say that they needed to steal the car to sell it to afford to live. Just wait until the b.s. starts people. I personally think that they both got what they deserved. Too bad for them,” another wrote.

“People are tired of working hard and getting robbed by punks. If I were these punks I’d get a job you live longer. A lot of honest citizens are ready to shoot back including me,” yet another added. Indeed, this story would have ended much differently if Ornduff had not been prepared to defend herself and her son. There’s no denying that it can be dangerous to meet up with a stranger for the sale of a car or other property. You should always be prepared to defend yourself in the event that trouble transpires.


17 thoughts on “Two Saggy-Pants Thugs Carjack ‘Helpless’ Woman, Find Out It Was a BIG Mistake

  1. Know the gun laws wherever you are carrying. In some jurisdictions this woman likely would have been charged since she shot when the perps were driving away and they were not an immediate threat to her.

    1. A good thing to have is “Insurance”, joined the USCCA years ago. You will then have a “Stand-By-Lawer” whenever you need them. Another good idea is to take a Concealed Handgun License Course. THEN you will KNOW if you are in the right or NOT. Have a great weekend and Be Safe…CARRY.

    2. With a liberal prosecutor, the state laws are meaningless. He/She will charge you then it’s up to you to finance a reputable 2nd Amendment attorney to fight the charges.

  2. Don’t tell me, NO STRONG MALE ROLE MODEL AT HOME……Right? #1 problem in that community, And NO BLACK LEADER WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Ever wonder WHY???? Moving on, I’ve said my Piece.

  3. Seventeen-year-old Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman and 18-year-old Lasupta Singletary

    Seventeen and 18, and already violent armed thugs. Where be their sister Syphilus? Turning tricks?

  4. “When they arrived, the suspects were armed and demanded the keys to Ornduff’s car, which Kalaeb was driving at the time. The suspects then drove away in the stolen car, likely thinking that they had pulled off the heist and would not be held accountable.”

    Where was Ornduff ? in the stolen car ?

  5. The author of the article, Jim Clayborn, seems to indicate that they were driving away with the stolen car when they were “held accountable” by their victim. The suspects driving away does not constitute an imminent threat and is not a justified self defense shooting. If they were leaving, they were no longer a threat. Does the author even know when the fatal shot was fired? Aren’t the police still trying to determine when the shot was fired? Also, the author seems to be saying that the authorities are calling it a “justified shooting” because of the criminal records of the two teens. The authorities do not justify a shooting based on the records of those involved. They base it on the evidence indicating whether or not it was a justified (self defense) shooting. If the authorities did in fact determine it was justified, it was because she was defending herself and they were actually still imminent threats (not driving away at the time of the shot). I for one would be very interested in an follow up article when more facts are known.

  6. I’m just Glad I don’t live around this kind of Criminals. Good for her, I love it when people defend themselves and don’t pick up the iPhone to call someone with guns to come defend them. Pick up the Glock take care of business and call 911 afterwards they will come clean up the mess and do the paperwork.

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