Girl Fight Breaks Out at McDonalds – Until One Ends it With Savage UFC Move


by Jim Clayborn | RNN

What can you say? Some days it’s just on sight. And whatever problems these two McDonald’s workers had, whatever mediation their manager tried to work out between them, the time for talk was over. And the time for catching hands was upon us.

Though as you’ll in our latest example of society crumbling all around us, one of these ladies could have used six more words: “I’m sorry for whatever I did.” Because she got BRUTALIZED.

Needless to say, NSFW, for several reasons:

That girl lost the first battle, but won the wig. She really should have left it at that.

But after hurling the hairpiece atop the fry cooker, she just kept talking smack. And she certainly ended up regretting it.

Many people online tend to get angry at the lack of people willing to put the phone down and break things up. But on occasion, once and a while, every so often, you have to let two people beat the animosity out of each other.


The one girl had a lot more animosity to beat out than the other. Sometimes you have to let people fight. But when she had the other girl turtled up and was reigning blows down upon her, there is not a single UFC referee licensed by the Las Vegas Athletic Commission who wouldn’t have called for a stop to the contest.


77 thoughts on “Girl Fight Breaks Out at McDonalds – Until One Ends it With Savage UFC Move

    1. I’m going to assume that you’re a leftist trying to make conservatives look bad. The alternative is too depressing.

  1. This is the problem with immature idiots.
    Egging’ on a physical altercation while truly finding pleasure and entertainment in it.
    Had I been managing… I would have issued a single command. Stop or you are both fired… then I would have proceeded to call the police. Management is liable for not providing a safe, hazard free work space. If they wouldn’t begin conducting themselves like adults… I would have drug their asses out the door. In AZ… I also carry.

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