JK Rowling Shuts Down Trans Activist with Brutal Tweet that Goes Mega-Viral


by Becca London

Author J.K. Rowling went viral on Sunday after responding to a transgender activist who attacked her without provocation.

On Sunday, Rowling criticized Scottish politicians for participating in a demonstration in which at least several “trans” activists person had signs reading “Decapitate TERFs,” among other disturbing slogans.

A “TERF” is the Trans radicals’ acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” or in other words, a woman who dares to notice that men who dress as women are not actually women.

Mass outrage filled social media against these politicans for their gleeful smiles in front of signs calling for literal violence, and they were forced into hasty apologies Monday morning, with several claiming they “never saw” the vile signs.

One angry trans activist India Willoughby was clearly embarrassed by the uproar that exposed the movement’s misogyny. Willoughby even claimed the “decapitate TERFs” sign did not exist and said that Rowling does not “represent women.”

Then Willoughby took a direct shot at Rowling.

“I’m more of a woman than JK Rowling will ever be,” Willoughby claimed.

Willoughby’s claim — that as a biological male Willoughby is more of a woman than Rowling, who is a biological woman — quickly caught the “Harry Potter” author’s attention.

Rowling responded with just two words…

“Citation needed,” she said.

BRUTAL. And a total checkmate, as any sensible person knows that “India” (below)…is a man.

Trans” activist “India” Willoughby, after over $100,000 in plastic surgery, and before, as Jonathan

The response has already generated over 140,000 “likes” and an astonishing 17 million views by Monday afternoon.

Rowling is a regular target for trans activists because she has repeatedly made it clear that she opposes progressive trans ideology on the grounds that it erases the legitimacy of women.

Wokesters on social media have in return vowed to boycott Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books and movies.

But the threat hasn’t worked, as the books are regularly in the top 10 of Amazon’s Best Seller lists – despite the last one being published over 15 years ago.


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