M&M’s Fires Their ‘Spokescandies’ After Woke Characters Cause Huge Backlash


by Brandon Morse

What used to be arguably America’s most famous candy became infamous over the course of the last few years as it descended into woke culture as many corporations did, and just like these other corporations, it paid the price.

“Get woke, Go broke,” as the saying goes.

M&M’s marketing team decided to take the beloved characters and begin changing up how they act and behave. While Red and Yellow were left alone, Green was defeminized so that she wasn’t so obviously a woman, which was offensive to the hard left for some reason.

Moreover, they began adding other colors for the various flavors coming out, but they were attached to “social messaging” to appeal to so-called “modern audiences.” They even produced a pricey “intro” video for the weird Purple, filled with LGBTQ side characters.

And they made Green and Brown a lesbian couple too:

To be sure, the backlash was nothing short of immediate. People began vowing to distance themselves from, not just M&Ms, but the Mars candy company in general.

It hurt. Badly. Sales dropped, and polling reportedly told Mars execs why: customer hated the new woke characters.

So on Monday, the candy company released a statement on Twitter declaring that they didn’t think many people would notice the changes to its “spokescandies” but that “even a candy’s shoes can be polarizing.”

(Hint: It wasn’t the shoes)

“Therefore, we have decided to take an indefinite pause from the spokescandies,” the statement continued.

The candy company declared that its new spokesperson is actress Maya Rudolph as she’s viewed as someone with whom few people disagree according to M&Ms.

If M&Ms was trying to make the situation better, then it completely missed the mark. For one, the tone of the statement is condescending. Trying to make it seem like America is being immature over some shoes completely misses the mark and tries to paint its own customers as too willing to be offended over nothing.

The legitimate anger from America came with the modernizing of characters to appeal to a group of people who continuously antagonize everyone else with their attempts to be social dictators. It began warping and eliminating the femininity of certain characters, which is a problem we see all around our society to the point where women have been pushed out of their own spaces.


Moreover, these new characters and changes to the old ones were clearly done for political purposes and all of them catered to leftist sentiments. Of course, that wasn’t going to sit well with half of America, and it’s odd that M&Ms seems surprised to the point of offense that it did.

Like everything else that woke culture touches, the candies had to obey certain rules and these rules sapped all the personality out of them. Then it proceeded to sexualize them by making two of them gay.

It’s absolutely annoying that nearly everything has to be this politicized nowadays, and people are getting sick and tired of always having it shoved in their faces. Moreover, it’s a story that’s been repeated dozens of times from company to company. M&Ms is apparently one company that didn’t learn the lesson.

Maya Rudolph isn’t going to win those people back. They missed the point of the anger, and if that’s the case, then they’ll definitely make this mistake again.


11 thoughts on “M&M’s Fires Their ‘Spokescandies’ After Woke Characters Cause Huge Backlash

  1. Maya Rudolph? really? if they think she’s a positive move then they haven’t removed the right people. it’s M&M’s for goodness sake! liberals devalue everything they touch.

  2. Maybe the shoes comment is a hat tip to Robin Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam” . . . the comfortable shoes comment he made. . .

  3. Can we just go back to having candy that, I don’t know…TASTES GOOD, and “melts in your mouth, not in your hand”? I never really understood why the candies had to have personalities.

    1. Really, without all the childishly stupid advertising maybe they could lower the price somewhat. Everybody knows what an m&m is.

  4. Business NEEDS to stay business ONLY, and stop concerning itself in other things that apply in no way to their product….THAT is what people are screaming….businesses want to make money, get back to that.

  5. It’s not the “shoes” you wacko jokes in marketing. Go woke go broke.

    Now, FIRE the marketing department and the advertising agency!

  6. I don’t care what your politics are, what your beliefs are… Having candy with sexual identities should tell you something about where we are in the timeline of history – and it ain’t good!

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