Greta Thunberg Gets Wrecked Over ‘Staged’ Arrest in Germany


by Nick Arama

On Tuesday, a story shot around the world that climate protester Greta Thunberg was “detained” by the police in Germany at a protest at a coal mine.

Police said Thunberg and others rushed toward the edge of a coal mine which could have endangered them. So the police removed them from the area.

So then you got this from CNN:

She was released after a brief detention.

But then you had folks on the left outraged that Thunberg a “minor” was “arrested” and carried off by the police. Some claimed the treatment was “excessive.” If you notice, she didn’t look too upset in that video and picture. She’s also now 20 years old, so no longer a “minor.”

Thunberg posted this tweet about her harrowing experience and detention, claiming they were “kettled” and “Climate protection is not a crime.”

Guess not, since she wasn’t even formally arrested. There’s no evidence that they were “kettled.”

But then people noticed video from prior to her “arrest” that certainly made the entire incident look “staged” it because the video showed her posing and laughing with the cops.

UPDATE: Some noted that there also might have been more than one “take.”

No shock, since Thunberg’s father is a film director and her mother a former actress.

Posing for pictures doesn’t equal “kettling.”

The irony in all this is that liberal Germany shut down a lot of their nuclear plants that had been productive. Then, of course, they made themselves reliant on Russia which was not an intelligent decision as President Donald Trump told them. They laughed at him, but he was later proven right. So now they’re having to resort to coal, just to keep things going.

We’ve seen this sort of arranged “protest detention” in the past, where the protesters are trying to get the police to “detain” them for the PR because then they know the media will cover it more. Here’s Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) being “arrested” and faking that she has handcuffs on.

Rep. Ilan Omar (D-MN) did it too. Pro tip? When you’re raising your hand in the socialist fist, it tends to kill the claim that you had handcuffs on.

But just a reminder of what a protest arrest looks like when it isn’t arranged for PR.

Others also reminded Greta that this is one of the results of what her green movement pals are pushing.

“Greta Thunberg would appreciate it if you didn’t retweet this video of her staged arrest next to these children breaking their backs in the name of her Green movement.”

But I’m not sure she gives much of a darn about human rights abuses when she’s proudly sporting things like Nike. You notice she isn’t protesting in China, the worst emissions producer, just in pliable European countries that agree with her climate views.




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