Dazed and Confused Biden Stares into Space for 45 Seconds as Reporters Scream Questions (Video)


by Becca London

Joe Biden, besieged by scandals all around, welcomed the Dutch Prime Minister to the White House today.

They exchanged pleasantries…and then the press was welcomed to ask questions.

And he quickly regretted it.

“Mr. President??? What about the documents?” yelled one journalist.

“Any comment about the classified material?” asked another.

This is clearly not the reception by a lapdog media to which a Democrat president was accustomed.

And it showed, as Biden looked dazed, confused and overwhelmed.

He then looked over at his aides to rescue him…and they did, clearing the invited press from the room entirely.


Biden is ill-equipped for the job of “president” on any good day, but a presidency embroiled in scandal is far too much for him to even process.


His diminished mental capacity that the media hid from the public for nearly a full year before the election, is now all too obvious to any thinking American today.

And with questions about classified document mishandling, and potential tax fraud and money laundering now being asked even by the liberal media, Biden is clearly nin way over his head.


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