31-Year-Old ‘American Idol’ Star Dead from ‘Heart Attack’


Another young and otherwise healthy person has died “suddenly” from a heart attack. This time, popular American Idol contestant CJ Harris has died at just 31 years of age.

According to TMZ:

A family member tells us CJ suffered an apparent heart attack Sunday night in Jasper, Alabama … he was taken to a local hospital by ambulance, but didn’t make it.

Fans of the show remember the Jasper native auditioning for the judges back in 2014 in Salt Lake City … blowing them away with his version of Allman Brothers Band’s “Soulshine.”

Judge Keith Urban told CJ, “You sing ’cause you have to sing, not ’cause you want to sing. And, I mean that in the deepest way. And, that’s why it’s so believable and real.”

According to TMZ, the singer is reported to have suffered a heart attack and was rushed by ambulance to the Walker Baptist Medical Center in his hometown of Jasper, Alabama.

Shortly after arriving in the emergency room the artist – whose full name is Curtis ‘CJ’ Harris – was pronounced dead, according to the outlet citing family members as source.

Sources said Harris had “no prior health concerns,” and his family is “stunned and devastated.

We’ve been covering similar stories since 2021 and I can tell you anecdotally that they’ve become far more frequent just in the last few weeks. As a standard disclaimer, we do not know Harris’s vaccine status nor do we know for sure it was the injections that made his young heart stop, but until proven otherwise we have to at least ask the question, “Was it the jabs?”

The “died suddenly” victims just over the past week have been young and apparently healthy. Yet they are still gone, and we have no answers.

Jordan Brister

, 17, was at school on Jan. 3 when he experienced sudden cardiac arrest. He was found inside one of the school’s bathrooms after gym class

The very next day, in the same city (Las Vegas) 16-year old Ashari Hughes also died of “cardiac arrest” during a flag football game in front of horrified classmates:

And last week, on his way to class, standout Air Force Academy cadet and football player Hunter Brown, 21, was walking to class from his dorm when he experienced a “medical emergency,” collapsed and died. The Air Force will not release a cause of death but Brown’s family said it was a “sudden cardiac event.”


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  1. America think about this very closely, why is US mass media and big Tech social media so quiet about all the “MASS” sudden deaths of young people younger than 50 due to heart attacks and blood clots!
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