Waffle House Employee Flawlessly Defends Herself from Chair Attack in Christmas Day Brawl


viral video out of Texas shows a Waffle House employee defending herself during a violent brawl on Christmas Day, after a chair was thrown at her head.

The three-second video shows a Waffle House employee in Austin defending herself from an attack by a patron who threw a chair at her head. The Waffle House employee somehow managed to evade the chair attack, which garnered praise from the online community.

The viral video was posted to Twitter by musician and actor Mekka Don on Wednesday morning.

Don wrote, “She needs to be the lead in the next action film. Waffle House job training is off the chain.”

He added, “An underrated part of this video is the other employee quickly ducking when the chair was thrown. You have to be able to do stunts to work at Waffle House.”

At the time of publication, the viral video had been viewed more than 5 million times and retweeted nearly 13,000 times.

Police responded to the disturbance at the Waffle House on Eatonton Road.

Here is the chair incident:

And the entire video of the insane attack by the deranged and/or hangry fat girls:

Even OG “Wonder Woman” from the 1970s, actress Lynda Carter chimed in on the badass performance:

And posted a clip from her classic show:

The Madison Police Department and Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Alexis Shaianne Smith, 27, and Roderick Ramone Brown, 35, for disorderly conduct after they allegedly threatened a Waffle House employee.


Brown and Smith were transported to the Morgan County Detention Center and booked into the local jail.

The Morgan County Citizen reported, “When officers arrived, reports state, they observed several persons outside the restaurant ‘yelling.’ Brown told officers that he had placed a to-go order and when he was given his order, he stated that the food in the order did not correspond to what he had requested.”

Brown allegedly told law enforcement that he engaged in a verbal argument with the female Waffle House employee. Brown was reportedly offered a refund before the Waffle House fight.

The police report said that Smith was “acting belligerent” during the incident at the Waffle House in Texas. Police claimed that there were several children at the Waffle House during the Christmas Day brawl.


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  1. Reminds me of the video when the Little Blonde Cheerleader Wiped the floor with the overweight black girl who slapped her. Love it.

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