Left Outraged After ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hits Biden with Brain Damage Joke


by Jim Clayborn | RNN

After mocking former President Donald Trump turnabout was considered unfair play when “Saturday Night Live” took a dig at President Joe Biden this weekend.

Michael Che was zipping through the news on SNL’s “Weekend Update” segment when the show sent a zinger Biden’s way.

“President Biden signed a measure that would force railway workers to accept a deal that averts a strike but does not include paid sick leave. But how do you expect Biden to care about sick leave when he shows up to work every day with full-blown CTE?” Che said

According to the Mayo Clinic, CTE is the acronym for chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

CTE is summed up as “brain degeneration likely caused by repeated head traumas. CTE is a diagnosis made only at autopsy by studying sections of the brain.”

CTE is often associated with athletes who have been injured playing football or other sports.

The joke was greeted with outrage.

Pretty rich for them to complain this much over a tiny, rare joke aimed at the obviously mentally-compromised Biden, as SNL gave Biden a pass for most of his first year in office, according to Fox News.

Biden was joked about three times in the cold open of the 22 episodes between Jan. 30, 2021, and Jan. 22, 2022. Trump was satirically portrayed by Alec Baldwin 11 times in his first year in office.


In October, one SNL sketch made fun of a Biden appearance at a car factory.

“Let me start with two words: Made in America,” Biden said then.

“Well, let me respond with two words, Jesus H. Christ,” Colin Jost then said. “Biden was then heard criticizing reporters at the White House for shouting questions at him. Questions like, ‘What year is it?’ and ‘Who’s the current president?’ Also, they weren’t reporters, they were doctors.”

Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas, a former White House doctor, has said there is nothing funny about Biden’s mental state.

“Something’s changed toward — during the time that President Trump was our president, something happened, and Joe Biden started having another issue, a cognitive issue that’s related to his age,” he said earlier this year.

“And like I have said before, I’m not his physician. I haven’t examined him, so I’m not going to make a diagnosis. But there’s a lot of diseases out there that have a big cognitive component, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multi-infarct dementia.”


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