Elon Musk Tweets Bunny Emoji, Sends Woke Scientist Down Rabbit Hole of Conspiracies


Elon Musk’s hare-brained scheme to bring free speech to the masses at Twitter has broken people’s brains. So much so, the Chief Twit doing nothing but tweeting an emoji will send alleged PhDs into a web of conspiracy theories.

Yesterday, Elon tweeted the word “follow” with an emoji of a bunny rabbit.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought he was being cute about going down the rabbit hole – an obvious reference to most people, taken from the classic book “Alice in Wonderland” or the sci-fi classic “The Matrix,” which used that as its inspiration.

Alice looks into the rabbit hole” (Disney)
Morpheus tells Neo to “follow the White Rabbit” – Neo sees it on the girl’s arm tattooMatrix

Every day brings us a new Twitter file exposing more of what activist employees were doing behind the scenes.

We are following clues down the rabbit hole. It made sense. To me.

But NOT to Caroline Orr Bueno, PhD. She is a behavioral scientist who studies “disinformation,” according to her Twitter bio. What you and I saw as an emoji, she saw as a signal to you-know-who. The group that comes after “P” and before “R.”

Dr. Bueno Ph.D. then, in a follow-up tweet, shared screen captures of people who follow that specific conspiracy. Unlike the liberal media, I will NOT amplify their lunacy here. But Dr. Bueno Ph.D. took comments made by crazy people who claim to see the hidden meaning in everything, chose a few where they “saw hidden meaning” in Musk’s tweet, and then used their ramblings to prove her belief Elon was signaling to them.

Did I mention how Dr. Bueno Ph.D. claims to study “disinformation?”

None of this is amusing to Dr. Bueno Ph.D. Though it’s very amusing to Elon Musk.

The question remaining is what’s the over/under for when Elon tweets a ‘pizza emoji” and a “group of kids” emoji just to be silly? I’m setting it for Thursday.


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