Liberals Will HATE This Scene from ‘Yellowstone’ That Brutally Mocks Climate Activists

Above: Greta Thunberg, Scene from “Yellowstone” (Paramount)

By Ryan Ledendecker 

In rare form for a hit cable television series, Kevin Costner’s “Yellowstone” is, for the most part, sticking true to fantastic storytelling without injecting what seems to be a certain obligatory percentage of “woke” content these days.

Going further, not only is “Yellowstone” sticking to appeasing its core audience, but it also presumably had the liberals who tune in each week in full meltdown mode as the show briefly tackled the ridiculousness often witnessed on the climate activism side.

In season five, episode four of the hit Paramount TV show, Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton, is now the governor of Montana. The scene shows Dutton sitting at the head of a large table, surrounded by his new team of advisers. One adviser, in particular, Stanley, presents a green energy proposal as ridiculous as something we might hear about in real life.


The fictional proposal was to cancel a large natural gas project set to kick off in Eastern Montana for fear that such a project might harm the sage-grouse’s environment. Stanley insists solar panels should be used instead of natural gas extraction equipment.

Gov. Dutton, deploying the one concept many liberals can’t stand, logic, suggests that installing hundreds of acres of solar panels would require the removal of sage, where the sage-grouse live, and would be more impactful than a natural gas project.

Sound familiar yet?

Gov. Dutton beautifully dismantles woke Stanley’s idea in one of the most astonishing political scenes in recent TV history.

Perhaps the best part was the continuation of the scene when Gov. Dutton becomes so disgusted with his advisers that he fires them all and walks away. During his exit, after setting Stanley straight on the asinine solar panel project proposal, Gov. Dutton asks, “How much money did I just save the state.”

His aide, Clara, responds by telling him that decision alone saved Montanans $1.6 million.

Again, this is precisely what’s happening in the halls of Capitol Hill and governor’s mansions across the country. With few exceptions, most are not taking the same approach as our favorite “Yellowstone” governor. It’d be nice if they did.

Not surprisingly, the “Yellowstone” clip posted to Twitter generated plenty of comments from both sides of the issue. Keyboard climate warriors were quick to slam the show and the viral scene.

“This is an engineered scene in a fictional tv show that doesn’t offer any evidence of hypocrisy by any real-world environmentalist. However, I do see that it confirms the biases of most of the commenters,” one Twitter user wrote.

Others, who clearly weren’t familiar with the show before viewing the clip, had a much different view.

“I might have to start watching…” one Twitter user wrote.

According to Montana Talks, the anti-woke scene was even a hit with local Montana residents, some of whom called into their favorite radio talk shows to discuss it further.

To call the scene refreshing would be an understatement. As conservatives, we typically have to cringe through most forms of entertainment these days. So many TV shows inject far too much woke, garbage content in knee-jerk reactions to current topics concerning race, the LGBT agenda, climate activism, and many more cultural issues.

“Yellowstone” is raw, gritty, and centered around strong family values, loyalty, legacy, and a backbreaking work ethic. And it doesn’t kowtow to Hollywood’s radical, progressive agenda demands. No wonder it’s so popular on the right.


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  1. Any time there’s something that doesn’t “go along” with this “green energy” push, the left gets their panties all in a wad up their sissy butts.

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