Elon Musk Laughs at ‘Woke’ T-Shirts He Finds in Twitter Closet, Enrages Liberals


by Becca London | RNN

Elon Musk is literally cleaning out the closets of Twitter, laughing after posting what he found – and causing absolute rage among the left-wing at his ridicule.

The world’s richest man posted a video late Tuesday of him exposing a closet filled with unworn “#StayWoke” t-shirts – holding up one of the progressive-slogan shirts in a video seen more than 10.2 million times in just hours.

“Found in closet at Twitter HQ fr,” he captioned the clip, adding two laughing emojis to the message in which “fr” is short for “for real.”

In the clip, someone can be heard chuckling as Musk, 51, shows stacks of the shirts.



“Here we are, at the merch thing, and there’s an entire, entire closet full of hashtag woke T-shirts,” Musk says over his laughing pal, who calls it a “secret closet.”

Musk’s tweets soon gained more than 378,000 likes — as well as a flood of anger from liberals.

That’s right…reportedly (and disturbingly) a “Black Special Group” of Twitter employees wore these shirts after the events in Ferguson, where thug Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson.

The blue shirts said “You belong in tech”another shirt given only to black Twitter employees, a truly cringey slogan that assumed they must not belong at the company making $130k a year, and were hired for other reasons.


Musk further enraged followers with a since-deleted tweet in which he revealed that the shirts he was laughing at “stem from the Ferguson protests” over the 2014 Missouri police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

“Obama’s own DOJ proved this & exonerated the cop,” Musk pointed out of officer Darren Wilson, who quit the force but was never charged.

100% true. But truth is not what the left is after, only narratives they can exploit to divide and conquer by race.

“The whole thing was a fiction,” Musk said, deleting the tweet and instead posting a copy of the federal report that concluded there was no reliable evidence that Brown had his hands up.

Most people on Twitter however, were in full support of Musk and gleefully ridiculed the “woke” crowd along with him:


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