‘Elvira’ Actress ‘Leaves Twitter’ Until Musk ‘Reinstates Human Rights and Ethics Team’


by Jim Clayborn | RNN

Actress Cassandra Peterson, best known from TV and film as “Elvira,” told her 342,000 Twitter followers that she is “leaving” Twitter unless they “reinstate their Human Rights and Ethics teams,” adding that “hate speech” is not free speech.

The 71-year-old actress, and frequent TV host who recently announced she is a lesbian, wrote, “I’m leaving Twitter until they decide to reinstate their Human Rights and Ethics teams. You can’t promote Hate speech and call it Free Speech. Until then…Unpleasant Dreemz.”

Peterson has used her official Elvira account to push left-wing politics for years.

Indeed, only days before the election she urged fans to vote for Democrats. And she often supports the LGBTQ agenda and drag queen events.

Peterson created her Elvira character in 1981 when L.A. TV station KHJ hired her to develop a new late-night TV horror show. She initially based her character on the famed L.A. area horror host from the 1950s, Vampira, but when Vampira creator Maila Nurmi wanted a hefty pay off to let Peterson use the name and persona, Peterson decided to create a new character.


The actress has portrayed the character on and off for more than 40 years, and celebrated her 40-year anniversary in 2021.

Peterson has also appeared in several other films including Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, and this year’s The Munsters film by director Rob Zombie.

The horror host icon married musician Mark Pierson in 1981, but divorced him in 2003. But in her recent autobiography, the Elvia actor claimed she is now a lesbian and has been in a relationship with another woman since leaving her husband.

She also accused NBA star Wilt Chamberlain of sexually assaulting her at a party at his home in the 1970s.


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