Pennsylvania Elects a DEAD MAN in a Landslide

The late Tony DeLuca. Gone, but definitely not forgotten.

by Jim Clayborn | RNN

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania…

A Democrat Pennsylvania State Rep. won his reelection despite being dead.

Anthony DeLuca died on October 9 after a battle with lymphoma.

People knew. The media has been reporting it non-stop, but voters elected him anyway!

Because this is Pennsylvania in 2022. they elected a brain-dead man as Sena tor, why not an actual dead guy too?


The Pennsylvania House Democrats praised voters for reelecting a dead guy.

“While we’re incredibly saddened by the loss of Representative Tony DeLuca, we are proud to see the voters to continue to show their confidence in him and his commitment to Democratic values by re-electing him posthumously. A special election will follow soon.”

A special election will be held to fill Anthony DeLuca’s seat.


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