Democrats Hype ‘Huge’ Crowd for Obama and Biden at PA Rally… Then Someone Showed a FULL Video of Arena

Obama, Biden and Fetterman at Temple University’s Liacouras Center, November 5th

by Becca London | RNN

Barack Obama and Joe Biden held a joint rally together in Philadelphia on Saturday to get out the vote for brain-damaged Senate nominee John Fetterman.

It was the first time the two appeared together at a rally since the 2020 election…and as a result the rally was massively-hyped by the campaigns and friendly media.

So of course a packed house was to be expected. And in reporting the rally at Temple University’s Liacouras Center, the media and paid DNC Twitter operatives hyped it as “PACKED!”

The AP reported the rally as “raucous, standing room only affair.”

One (in)famous far-left Twitterer, “Brooklyn Dad” was at the event and hyped it…

Wow. What a massive crowd. Right?

Not exactly. Even with the “star power” of Obama, the venue was less than half-full, as other, more honest sources later reported:

Holy cow…half the area was curtained-off to make the crowd seem sold out:

And flags were lowered to hide the empty sections behind the stage.

And the small crowd itself didn’t seem too interested.

Hmm…Philadelphia Democrats don’t seem too motivated. Perhaps like the rest of us, they too are sick of Biden & Co. destroying American with inflation, “green” energy scams that drive up gas prices, and radical trans ideology forced on their kids.


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