Disturbing Photos of Biden’s Hand Raising Questions


by Jason DeWitt | RNN

President Biden made so many embarrassing blunders during campaign events in Florida on Tuesday that even The New York Times is writing about it:

But that’s not the only part of the events that has people talking tonight. 

photo taken by AP photographer Evan Vucci of the president’s hand is raising new questions about Biden’s health and extreme confusion of late:

Let’s take a closer look…


One medical doctor chimed in…

Images from an Oct. 27 event with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul appear to show the larger scar but not the smaller one.

Whether the White House will address questions about Biden’s hand remains to seen. 

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  1. Not a comparison at all, but the probable IV punctures on his hands popped a rememberance in my mind about Hitler receiving intravenous injections of amphetamines to keep him going during his regime. Just sayin’,

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