Bubba Wallace Booed Heavily During Driver Introductions (Video)

by Jim Clayborn | RNN

Bubba Wallace may be the darling of the leftist sports media but he is clearly not at all popular among NASCAR fans, as evidenced by the loud and clear booing of that greeted Wallace during driver introductions this weekend.

Fresh off his mere one-race suspension for shoving Kyle Larson – the smallest man in NASCAR – fans at Martinsville treated Wallace to a chorus of boos.

As The Athletic’s Jeff Gluck reports, the booing from the Virginia crowd for Wallace was far greater than any other driver received.

Wallace will always maintain a residual level of unpopularity among NASCAR fans for the brouhaha resulting from his 2020 claim that a garage pull was a noose, a claim investigated and discredited by the FBI.

The reaction to Wallace in this case, is more likely due to his bullying of the much smaller Kyle Larson earlier this month.

The trouble started at Turn 3 of the NASCAR Cup Series South Point 400 in Las Vegas, when Larson tried to pass but ended up putting Bubba Wallace into the wall. Wallace then appeared to retaliate by striking the rear of Larson’s car….

Things deteriorated from there as Wallace confronted Larson at his car and shoved him around.

As RNN has reported, Wallace has become a flashpoint for NASCAR fans, and analysts alike, due to his numerous outrageous and offensive actions over the past two years.

An overwhelming majority of fans disagree that NASCAR only suspended Wallace for a single race for his recklessness and physical attack of another driver.

Former NASCAR Cup Series driver and current analyst for NBC Sports Kyle Petty made it clear he disagrees with NASCAR’s punishment and believes Wallace should have been suspended for the rest of the season.

And there is a spreading demand among NASCAR fans for principal sponsor McDonald’s to drop Wallace completely.

Wallace refuses to acknowledge the national anthem, while wearing a BLM shirt

Wallace is one of the least popular drivers in the sport, with much of the disdain from fan’s stemming from Wallace accusing them of racism after he pushed the false claim that someone left a noose on his car at Talladega. In actuality it was a garage door pull.

He called the door pull a “despicable act of racism and hatred.” He posted to Twitter, “Today’s despicable act of racism and hatred leaves me incredibly saddened and serves as a painful reminder of how much further we have to go as a society and how persistent we must be in the fight against racism.”

When the claim was disproven, Wallace didn’t apologize for accusing fans of racism, he doubled down on his accusations — angering many fans.

After the FBI concluded no crime was committed, Wallace embraced the hoax telling CNN’s Don Lemon, “I’m pissed. I’m mad because people are trying to test my character and the person that I am and my integrity. They’re not stealing that away from me, but they’re just trying to test it.”

He later told Lemon, “It was a noose. Whether tied in 2019 or whatever, it was a noose. So, it wasn’t directed at me but somebody tied a noose. That’s what I’m saying.”

But it was not a noose, said even the FBI who wasted their time investigating the farce.

FBI spokesman Paul Daymond told CNN, “It’s my understanding that the rope was fashioned into a noose knot and used as a door pull.”

Wallace has never apologized for his involvement in bracing the noose hoax. However, he has been rewarded for it. His off track activity was one of the key accomplishments touted as part of his contract extension announcement made by 23XI Racing earlier this year.

Wallace has also raised some eyebrows with his comments on a Christian rival driver, as well as Kyle Rittenhouse.

Minutes after a jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin, announced its verdict clearing Rittenhouse of every charge lodged against him, Wallace pronounced the verdict “sad” and hinted that it was a result of racism.

“Ha, let the boy be black and it would’ve been life…hell he would’ve had his life taken before the bullshit trial… sad,” Wallace tweeted.


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