Biden Tells Ridiculous Lie About Gas Prices – Media ‘Fact-Checkers’ Nowhere to be Found


by Becca London | RNN

Another day, another lie.

President Joe Biden falsely claimed that the national average price of gas per gallon was “over $5 when i took office” during prepared remarks delivered on Thursday.

“The most common price of gas in America is three dollars and 39 cents, down from over $5 when I took office,” Biden said.

It is unclear where the President sourced the idea that gas prices were “over $5” in January 2021, but the claim is completely untrue.

In actuality, the national average for a gallon of gas was $2.39, less than half of $5 and over a dollar less than the $3.39 figure Biden bragged about on Thursday.

And even his current figure was wrong. As of Thursday morning, when he spoke, the national average from AAA was $3.77, and rising all week.


Here’s a chart of those prices (U.S. government data)…Biden’s inauguration is the red dot:

Preposterous lie.

And the media’s self-appointed “fact-checkers”? Nowhere to be found. As of this article’s publication, none of the major checkers from WaPo, Newsweek, FactCheck or PolitiFact had any listing of Biden’s ridiculously false claim.

Biden lies all the time. By the end of his term he may well be the most dishonest president in history.

The New York Times recently tried to convince the public that Biden’s pathological dishonesty about easily verified facts is just “folksiness.” They call his outright lies “exaggeration,” “falsehood,” “claims,” “embellishing,” and “stories.” Really anything but “lies.”

And yet, Biden continues to blatantly lie to the American public, probably because he is no longer able to distinguish reality from his delusional fantasy world.


But the American people arern’t buying his lies anymore, which is why he – and his party – arer facing a major repudiation at the polls in less than two weeks.

Biden’s entire speech was filled with lies. I won’t bore you with the details. Here’s the gist:

By the way, even the people who were required to be at Biden’s event were bored and frustrated that it was taking so long. Who would want to work for this Administration? Like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Check out this hot mic video:

Did you catch Joe’s next destination? “Wilmington.” Meaning vacation. Again. Biden has already spent more time away from the White House than any previous president except FDR.


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