‘Jesus Ain’t F*cking God’: Man Attacks Neighbor Over Cross Decoration, Gets What’s Coming to Him

Good fences apparently do not make good neighbors with this guy

by Jim Clayborn | RNN

Few things are more satisfying than watching a loudmouth, faux tough guy bully get dropped. Unless, of course, the bully is a anti-Christian douche.

The (British) bully in this case takes great offense to his neighbor erecting a cross on his gate, and confronts him, threatening violence, saying, “Jesus isn’t f*cking God.” He points at the unpainted DIY cross he has his panties in a wad over. One thing leads to the other. The atheist douche then turned the other cheek…into a right hook.

Hey, it’s not like the bully wasn’t sufficiently warned.


Even the bloody dog was entertained!

Looks like Redshirt’s flying spaghetti monster wasn’t around to protect him from catching these hands.


Imagine having to explain to your wife what happened.

WIFE: Honey, did you get him to remove that horrible cross?

ATHEIST DOUCHE: I don’t wanna talk about it.

WIFE: What happened to your face?

ATHEIST DOUCHE: The power of Christ happened.

Most impressive is the composure of the believer. He gave Redshirt ample warning. He tried to de-escalate the situation. He gave Redshirt every opportunity to calm down. But the atheist douche wanted the smoke. So he got the smoke. He got the smoke right upside his head. Then slinked away in shame. And it was good.


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