However Dumb You Think Gen Z’ers Are, They’re Dumber Than That (Video)


by Jim Clayborn | RNN

Has the American education system completely collapsed? The video below demonstrates this all-too clearly.

It’s anecdotal evidence, but any of us who have engaged with college-aged Americans on a regular basis know that these dimwits are not the exception. They are the norm. Watch:

It’s a generational issue It’s not just college students today. It’s “Gen Z” that is failing, or to be more accurate, it’s Gen Z that the education system has failed. More time and effort is spent trying to get kids to change their pronouns than on American history. More emphasis is placed on Critical Race Theory than basic geography.

Perhaps the most telling answer to one of the simple questions was when they were asked what the capital of the United States is. Someone questioned whether the United States had a capital. In fact, TWO respondents questioned it. Considering the current state of the union and the void of leadership coming from DC, they may be closer to the truth than most realize.


Daily Wire author Matt Walsh hit the nail on the head:

Gen Z is the most educated generation in American history and also the dumbest. Kids filter through the education system for a decade and a half or even longer and come out on the other end knowing absolutely nothing. The system is a catastrophic failure and should be demolished.

The people aren’t just college-aged. They’re of voting age. We can blame corporate media, Big Tech, mobile devices, and our failing education system for the collapse of American society in one generation.


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