Elon Musk Enters Twitter HQ with a ‘Sink’ Ahead of Expected Deal Closing, Liberal Employees Rage


by Becca London | RNN

It’s really happening, folks!

On Monday, Elon Musk reportedly spoke with the banks assisting in his acquisition of Twitter via a conference call, telling them he planned to close the deal by Friday.

On Tuesday, the employees of Twitter actually made a list of demands (seriously) for their new boss who is scheduled to take over the company on Friday.

In response to Musk’s plans for firing the bulk of the far-left workforce, the Twitter team released a list of demands for current and future leadership — and were immediately ridiculed for it on their own platform.

Reportedly, once Elon Musk’s $44 billion transaction for the social network is completed, he will terminate approximately 75% of Twitter’s staff, which equals 5,500 employees to reduce the size of the workforce to over 2,000.

“The mega-billionaire has told potential investors in the Twitter deal that he plans to lay off almost 75% the company’s staff, or about 5,500 employees, to reduce the size of its workforce from 7,500 to just over 2,000, the Washington Post reported, citing anonymous sources and documents,” Variety reported.

And those who think a 75% cut would be “devastating” to Twitter should heed this remarkable tweet:

Clearly there is a lot of fat to cut. In fact….using data from Glassdoor, Musk could save Twitter shareholders a whopping $1.4 billion annually in costs by these staffing cuts alone.

On Wednesday, Elon Musk arrived at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, California with a ‘sink.’

He posted the video on his account with the caption, “Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!”


Dad Joke Level 10,000 right there!!

Here’s his new bio:

Does this mean the deal is done??

Some more random gems from Elon as we wait for the answer.

He praised “citizen journalism” and slammed mainstream media giants like the New York Times, which has vigorously denounced his plan to take over Twitter as “dangerous for democracy.”

Musk added that local news organizations are under-appreciated and should get way more prominence on Twitter.

This is a developing story: We’ll update the story as we learn more.


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