Biden’s Air Rage: Joe Says Airlines Forcing Customers to Pay for Extra Legroom is RACIST


by Becca London | RNN

Amid crushing inflation fueled by an accelerated push for “renewable” energy, record-high government spending and foreign-policy failures, President Biden announced a major initiative to cut down on…”junk fees“?

Yep. Biden attacked “fees” from banks, airlines, cable companies and other industries.

Among the “junk fees,” he said Wednesday at the White House, is the airlines’ fare system, which enables people to pay less if they don’t mind having a little less leg room.

“Some airlines, if you want six more inches between you and the seat in front, you pay more money,” Biden told Americans.

“But you don’t know it, until you purchase your ticket,” said the president, without evidence.

Biden seemed to suggest that the higher fare for extra legroom was a “hidden” fee.

But in fact, airlines present to consumers purchasing a ticket online a variety of fare categories rather than the traditional first class and coach.

For example, United Airlines offers “basic economy,” “economy” and “economy plus,” along with business and/or first class.

But then Biden made the entire discussion racial.

He said that leg room “fees” are especially hard on “people of color.”


Of course fees are racist. He just can’t help himself. Democrats rarely can, compelled to turn nearly every

issue into one about race. That is the neccessity of a political party that maintains its power by dividing the nation and creating enmity between citizens in race, religion, sex and income.

And Biden did not explain: why, exactly, is this racist?

Can black folks not afford business class, Biden?

Are people of color bigger and in more need of space? He didn’t say.

Biden did say his administration is targeting late fees, such as on credit card account payments, along with banking overdraft and bounced-check fees and hotel booking charges.

But on Twitter, ridicule of the “racist seats” came fast and furious…

Economy and inflation are top of mind for voters heading to the polls in less than two weeks.

But most public polling shows they trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle such matters.  


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