Mom’s Reaction as Biden Approaches Her Daughter Says It All About ‘Creepy Joe’ (Video)


by Becca London | RNN

Despite the media’s best efforts to censor any and all mention of it, the reputation of Joe Biden around children clearly is now well-known among the American people, especially parents.

He is “Creepy Joe.”

And video which has just been released by C-SPAN of the reaction of one mom at the last “National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning” event at the White House said it all about the sick behavior of the current occupant of that house.,

As Joe approached her daughter, watch what this mom quickly does with her toddler: – and what the girl herself does thereafter:

The mom rapidly swoops the girl away from the approaching Biden and into her arms, either on her own reaction, or the girl’s.

And the girl turns away as Creepy Joe persists in trying to touch her – even putting up her arm to block him.

And he still persists!

Just 15 seconds of video says so much – and shows what an utter disgrace we have as president. It is a national embarrassment.

Many are asking why C-SPAN is only now releasing this footage. Does the White House or Nancy Pelosi have editorial ovesight of content?

And it is revealed in a month in which Biden has gone almost completely out of control with his unwanted advance of children and young women.


And again…

And again…

And those, just in the past 2 weeks!

And the mom above clearly knows all too well as Joe’s groping of girl’s breasts in over a dozen videos such as this one:

People are shocked (and disgusted) by his latest display:


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