People Want To Bring Home Economics Classes Back To Schools To Teach Kids Basic Life Skills


by Jim Clayborn | RNN

Many people want to see home economics reintroduced in schools.

In today’s society, many children need to know how to cook and do laundry because both parents work and have busy schedules.

At one time, when society’s workforce was mainly men, and home economics was a mandatory part of a girl’s education.

Girls would learn homemaking, including laundry, cooking, sewing, care of the sick, house cleaning, and sanitation.

Schools offered home economics was offered, but only girls would sign up, leaving people to believe home economics was a sexist program.

Today men staying at home is more acceptable, and both men and women have domestic responsibilities.

Now there is a need for learning domestic skills by both girls and boys, and people want the classes back.

A study showed that 62.7 % of the 3.1 million 2020 high school graduates went to college that year.

Students are on their own now, dealing with cooking and laundry.

Domestic skills taught in home economics make children and young adults more responsible.

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Societal norms for women at home and in the workplace have now evolved rapidly, and it’s rightly accepted that women aren’t destined for a future of cooking, cleaning, and raising children – unless they want to.

Of course, if all else fails, kids can still learn a lot from their own parents.

Taking time to teach kids basic life skills will help them transition to adulthood with confidence.
What do you think? Should schools have dropped home economics as a subject, or are children missing out on a valuable aspect of their education? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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