Man Who Beheaded Woman in Silicon Valley an Illegal Alien Previously Convicted of Child Rape


by Brian Hayes

A man accused of beheading a woman in broad daylight in San Carlos, California, last week is an illegal alien who overstayed his tourist visa years ago, a local report states.

Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta, 33, was arrested and charged after San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office said he beheaded his ex-girlfriend, 27-year-old Karina Castro outside her apartment building.

Police said Landaeta decapitated Castro with a Samurai sword. Castro was the mother of two young daughters — a seven-year-old and a one-year-old. Castro’s family has started a GoFundMe for her two daughters.

According to the San Mateo Observer, Landaeta is an illegal alien who has been living in the United States for years, with a criminal record, without having been deported:

Immigration sources confirm that Jose Solano Landaeta, the suspect who beheaded a 27 year old mother of two in a San Carlos, CA neighborhood September 8th, was in the United States illegally. Jose Solano Landaeta, 33 from Venezuela, entered the country on a tourist visa about ten years ago, say ICE sources. He never left. [Emphasis added]

California enforces a strict sanctuary state law that prevents local law enforcement from turning criminal illegal aliens over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Thousands of illegal aliens every week are said to be turned loose across California as a result.

Landaeta had a criminal record that included raping a girl younger than three years old and only served three years probation, according to

 the San Francisco Chronicle:

A review of court files in San Mateo County found one more prior serious case for Landaeta-Solano. In 2012, he was accused of rape with an unconscious person and was sentenced to a reduced charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a victim more than three years younger. He served three years on probation and successfully completed required programming, after which the charge was expunged. [Emphasis added]

Castro’s family described Landaeta as a “diagnosed schizophrenic on meds” who “would use that as an excuse for his behavior. He drank excessively and you’re not supposed to do that on those kind of medications.”

Landaeta remains in San Mateo Jail without bail.


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